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My name is Kaleb Stennett. I am originally from Waynesboro, MS. I started with SMT in 2018, and I currently specialize in SYP and hardwood. 

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My Story

What year did you start at SMT? 2018

What do you specialize in? SYP and Hardwood

What is your favorite thing about the company? The opportunity to grow and run my business the way I see fit, with the support of the whole company.

What does customer service mean to you? Being available no matter the time, whether it's for new business, or a problematic order.

What are some fun facts about yourself? I enjoy making music with some of my friends. I'm a 4th generation cattle farmer.

What is your favorite food? Steak

Do you have any pets? Australian Sheppard / Izzy

What is your favorite line from a movie? "It's hard to soar with the eagles when you're surrounded by turkeys". Adam Sandler, Mr. Deeds.

What are some things you love? God, family, & friends. Anything outdoors, sports, and Auburn Football #WAREAGLE!

What are some bucket list items? Visit every college football stadium in the SEC. Visit the Grand Canyon. Go to a Boston Red Sox's game.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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